Azerbaijan Interested In Turkey’s Firtina Self-Propelled Howitzer

Azerbaijan is interested in Turkeys Firtina Self-Propelled Howitzer, Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) reported.

Talks are being held with the Azerbaijani side on the purchase and sale of the military equipment. The sides are expected to sign the contract by the end of this year.

The self-propelled howitzer produced by MKEK was put down on the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces in 2004. Firtinas armament consists of 155 mm L52 artillery gun and 12.7 mm machine gun. Firtina can open fire within 30 seconds. Maximum range of fire is 40 km. Through the Inertial Navigation System produced by ASELSAN the howitzer is able to determine the coordinates of the targets at 17.5 m.

Firtina has advantage over Soviet self-propelled howitzers like Akatsiya, Gvozdika and Giatsin in the inventory of the Azerbaijani Army. For firing range and efficiency it can be compared with the Pion 2C7 203 mm self-propelled howitzers.