Bangladesh Air Force ordered 16 F-7BGI aircraft to replace the old A-5C attack

According to Russian military messenger, Nov. 18 reported that the Bangladesh Air Force Ziao Rahman recently in London at the '2011 International Fighter conference,' said China has ordered the country's 16 new F-7BGI light aircraft will be delivered beginning in 1012, but he did not disclose other details about the transaction information. Analysts pointed out that these F-7BGI may be used to replace Bashar Meng Air Force Base (located near Dhaka Mon 21 Squadron equipped with the old-fashioned Chinese-made A-5C attack aircraft. Meng said the Air Force Commander, F-7BGI China's Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group Company F-7-based research and development of new models, equipped with improved airborne equipment, including 'hand throttle lever' (ie 'hands on the bar 'control device, three multi-function cockpit displays and a HUD. The machine also has GPS system for navigation bomb throwing ability due to Bangladesh's orders, the legendary MiG-21 fighter production will continue to 2012 
Bangladesh Air Force in 2006, equipped with 16 F-7BG fighters and four FT-7BG coach - fighters, while in the earlier 1989-2000 period, Meng also received the Air Force installed 16 F-7MB fighter and 8 FT-7MB trainer aircraft - fighters these fighters (now there are 23 still in service were single-seat fighter and trainer aircraft were currently eight equipment in the MENG 5th and 35th Air Force squadron.
Meng also said the Air Force commander, purchasing F-7BGI is the new generation of fighter aircraft in the Air Force before the transitional measures adopted in the next 13-15 years, 20-32 Meng Air Force plans to buy new fighter aircraft, and most promising candidate models, including the U.S. F-16 and Russia's MiG-29SMT. In addition, Sweden's JAS-39 and Russian Su-30 may also participate in the competition. It is reported that Meng Air Force also plans to purchase in 1999 of its 10 MiG-29 fighter jets to modernize modification, and will also purchase a new trainer to replace the existing fleet of old L-39.
In addition, the Bangladesh Air Force will purchase a number of new trainer aircraft, used to replace the existing fleet of L-39, while its equipment in 1999, 8 Russian-made MiG-29 fighters will be in the next few years been upgraded