Chile Will Join Brazil in Developing KC-390 Military Transport Aircraft

undefinedChile will buy six Embraer KC-390s and will join Brazil in developing the aircraft, hoping to be assigned the production of a major component. (image : Embraer)

The defense ministers of Chile and Brazil, Jaime Ravinet and Nelson Jobim, respectively, today signed a Declaration of Intent for the participation of our country in the development of the KC-390 military transport aircraft, which is carried out by the Brazilian aerospace firm Embraer.

Bilateral negotiations will define the terms and conditions of this participation, which will be implemented through the national aeronautics company, ENAER (Empresa Nacional de Aeronáutica), as stated in the declaration.

The document was signed by ministers during a visit to the facilities of the Chilean aerospace company this morning.

Brazilian Defense Minister Nelson Jobim said the project is relevant to both countries and that "there will be an integration for the construction of an aircraft that will be of major significance for the future,” as it will have a very large market when it becomes available just as the American C-130 Hercules reaches the end of its life."

The Brazilian state secretary added that ENAER was selected because "Chile has the capacity, expertise and know-how of other EMBRAER aircraft, like the Legacy, the Phenom, and the EMB-145. You will have a lot of work on that, "he said.

KC-390 Military Transport Aircraft (image : Embaer)

"We would like the project to develop, because it will bring a very important flow of technology to ENAER," stated Minister Jaime Ravinet.

The Chilean defense minister said that, along with providing job opportunities to our industry, participation in this project will "make us full partners with EMBRAER in the manufacture of aircraft for the world market."

"EMBRAER has achieved high levels of excellence and have been very large contractors and parts and these words will take on greater significance as we will make a substantial component, such as the fuselage and the ramp of the aircraft, and that's a huge challenge for ENAER that we hope to successfully meet, "he added.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the ministers is part of the good trade relations between the governments of Chile and Brazil, and of the sustained, long-term relationship between ENAER and EMBRAER since the beginning of the 90s.

Chile's participation in this program would increase Chilean capabilities in engineering and production of parts as well as contribute to the growth of the aviation industry in our country.