malasian and brunei navywill Conduct Joint Exercise

24 November 2010

KDB Berkat (photo : Marine Traffic)

KOTA KINABALU_ The Royal Malaysian Navy and Royal Brunei Navy will be conducting a joint exercise to foster cooperation between the two navies in defending their maritime waters.

The exercise known as Exercise Hornbill 20/10 Series will be conducted at the South China Sea beginning from November 22 to 29 in three phases. The exercise also aims to strength diplomatic ties between both countries and allows both navies to share their experience to strengthen the war procedures and tactics at sea.
The exercise will involve more than 500 personnel and officers from the Royal Malaysian Navy, the Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Royal Brunei Navy, together with two ships from the respective navies and three aircraft from the airforce.

Naval Region II commander First Admiral Dato Anuwi Hassan from the Royal Malaysian Navy will be the Exercise Commanding Officer.

The exercise was officiated by Submarine Fleet Commander First Admiral Dato Mohammad Rosland Omar when two ships; the KDB Berkat and KDB Afiat, from the Royal Brunei Navy docked at the Seppangar Naval base here on Sunday.