Iran Will Hit Dimona Nuclear Reactor If Attacked By Israel

TEHRAN will target Israel's Dimona reactor in a retaliatory attack if the it is attacked by an Israeli or US air strike, a Iranian official told the Arabic-language newspaper Asharq al-Awsat on Monday.
Tehran is aware that Israel and the United States want to attack Iran, but we are also aware that while they actually have the option to launch war, they do not have the option to end it. This is America's and Israel's point of weakness. We know that there is no solution to this point of weakness, thanks to the importance of the Gulf region, America's problems in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the (geographically) small area of the Zionist entity," the anonymous official was quoted by the paper as saying. He also specified that the Dimona Nuclear reactor would be on the top of Iran's target list in a potential war.